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As a compounding pharmacist, I do not sell non-prescription veterinary drugs, and I do not practice veterinary medicine.

What I do is give veterinarians the means to meet the varied needs of different animals. My intent is not to interfere with the normal dispensing of medications in veterinary medicine but to enhance your ability to customize your prescribed therapies through compounded medicines.

tuberculosis, skin ulcers, worms, protozoal infections, atherosclerosis, salmonellosis, tetanus, rabies, flukes, diarrheaThe profession of pharmacy has always been based on the physician/patient/ pharmacist relationship. In veterinary medicine, pharmacists play the same role. As your pharmacist, I will always be available to consult with you on options for medication dosage, routes of administration or choice of formulations.

Keep in mind, few pharmacists are trained to compound. I have studied and practiced compounding since 1972. My trained staff and I are set to put our skills to work for you.
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